Wollaston History
Barry Robinson

About Barry J Robinson

Having lived in Wollaston all my life I have always been interested in the builidings and life in the village past and present.

In the 80's I started to collect old Wollaston photographs and with some information from Ernie Bryan, my collection began to grow.

Barry Robinson Wollaston HistorianFirst Book: On one of my visits to find old photographs I called on Derek and Jennifer Spencer of Bozeat, after gaining some good material I mentioned that one day I would like to put my collection into a book, they said as they had been involved with Pictorial History Books of Bozeat and Odell they would give me any help they could, so with their help the first book documenting photographs as late as the 1800's upto 1930 was put together. To get the book published I needed a sponsor and without hesitation Max and Stephen Griggs of R. Griggs Group Ltd., agreed to this.

Second Book: With the ever changing face of the village, I thought it would be nice for my grandson, Joshua Robinson, to look back in future years and see how village life used to be during the years 1930 to 1952. Once again I must thank Max and Stephen Griggs for sponsoring this book, a section of the book was dedicated to R. Griggs Group Centenary in 2001.

Third Book: Now in the digital age the third and final book is represented on this website along with pictures from the original two books.

I hope you get as much pleasure from my books and now this website as I have had putting them together.

Barry J Robinson